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Affordable Housing Committee

In an effort to develop stronger and more effective affordable housing partnerships throughout the State of Ohio,  the Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association (OMBA) is committed to supporting our membership in achieving positive homeownership outcomes for all the communities, families and individuals  they serve.  Therefore, the OMBA has resolved to form an Affordable Housing Committee to achieve these objectives.

The Committee  will focus primarily on serving as a liaison between lenders, borrowers, housing advocates, policymakers, public officials, program sponsors and counseling organizations to achieve maximum use of the opportunities and resources that exist to support successful and sustainable affordable housing.


The Committee will provide information to member lenders regarding those organizations who provide home buyer counseling including budgeting, home maintenance and other programs designed to promote successful homeownership.  The Committee will provide this data to member lenders by region in-order-to best impact all areas of Ohio.


The Committee will dedicate a section of the OMBA website to become a “bulletin board” for notices and important announcements regarding Home Buying seminars, current funding status of provider resources, and development of new Affordable Housing Initiatives including those on a local, state and national level.


In tandem with member partners, the OMBA will support and promote educational forums that assist individuals in becoming successful homeowners.  The OMBA will work with member partners to develop and conduct an annual seminar focused on the Home Buying process and the elimination of myths surrounding homeownership.


The OMBA will be an active participant in supporting legislation, developing resources, and joining forces with government, business, and community leaders in the effort to provide solutions to solve the unmet housing needs of our communities.

For many years, the lending industry has created products to positively impact the homeownership gap. We have learned that products alone have not solved this issue. As a result, Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association has created an Affordable Housing Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to collaborate with those industry professionals that are already making a positive impact in underserved communities. Our goal is to help more minority borrowers achieve homeownership in order to builder wealth for their families while creating lasting memories! While we won’t change things overnight, we can begin changing lives one family at time!

Don Griffiths

President of OMBA

One of the most exciting things in banking, is to help a family realize its dreams of owning a home. Not everyone in the process gets to see a borrower’s face when the loan is closed, and they get to hold the keys for the very first time. It is uplifting, even noble, and it is why those of us in mortgage lending really do what we do.

It is a responsibility and an honor to advise families on their financial options, and possible loan structures. For all of us in mortgage lending, making the complex simple for folks, especially for affordable housing customers and first-time homebuyers, is something that we always strive to do. We take the opportunity very seriously. We operate knowing that the trust a family places in us requires us to be diligent, understanding, and proactive in every step of the process.

At the Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association, we are working hard every day to help our lenders make the process of buying a home easier. We are focused on providing financial education to our lenders and our borrowers, so they know all of their financing options. We are committed and united in advancing homeownership – for all of those who want that opportunity – and we know it is one of the most important things we can do. If we do all this well, our borrowers and our communities will be better for it.

Jay Plum

Vice President and Affordable Housing Committee Chair

The mortgage industry is a key part of the housing equation in our country. The Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association, as an industry advocacy group in support of homeownership, recognizes that we have many responsibilities to serve the people of our State. That includes serving those who can only dream of owning their own home someday. In light of that responsibility, we recognized the need to form a Board level Committee for Affordable Housing. In partnership with stakeholders at every level including Realtors, Community Leaders, National MBA, and lenders of various charters, we are committed to being a significant partner in this work and a leader in facilitating partnerships throughout the industry to simply and effectively help people become successful homeowners. There is no more important work that we do.

Stan Foraker

Immediate Past President of OMBA

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